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Gateway Solo 2550 LCD Problems

Turn on your notebook. Preventing static electricity ^_r To prevent static electricity: Before opening the computer case, read and follow these precautions to prevent damage from static electricity. After the computer connects, the browser home page opens. 2. Go ahead and post your xorg.conf and also the output of /sbin/lspci | grep Display and /sbin/lspci | grep Graphics. Check This Out

In the Line Balance section, adjust the balance or volume as necessary using the appropriate slider. 6. Live Better. Middle button click Right button click Tap 2 fingers. h'ower Management Kmperhes H themes Alarms I p<^ e - Meter] Ad"=nced] Hbenate] jdtteiy dhii li- ft! navigate here

Push the tray in until it is closed. I will post my xorg.conf, and my xorg.0.log file in a subsequent email if that will help. Not a Laptop ) ShippingPass Reduced Price $34.98 Gateway Lk.11605.004 Replacement LAPTOP LCD Screen 11.6" WSVGA LED DIODE (Substitute Replacement LCD Screen Only. Not a Laptop ) (N156HGE-EAL REV.C1) 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 $43.01 NEW LG LP156WF1-TLF3 15.6 Inches Full 1920X1080 LED Screen (LED Replacement Screen Only.

See "Using the Power menu for more information about changing power button modes. The Pad Lock status indicator is displayed while this function is enabled. To disconnect from your Gateway.net or AOL Internet account: http://support.gateway.eom/s/Mobile/Solo_Series/p2550/8505460/05460chc.htm (2 of 7)7/28/2004 7:12:23 AM Using the Internet Click X in the top right corner of the Web browser. The total amount of memory (RAM) is shown.

Open your notebook by sliding the latch on the front face of your notebook to the right and releasing the cover. If there are differences, refer to the Item Specific Help box in the right column of the BIOS Setup menu for assistance. Search all issuesPreview this magazine » Browse all issues198019902000 4 Jan 200018 Jan 20008 Feb 200022 Feb 20007 Mar 200021 Mar 20004 Apr 200018 Apr 20009 May 200023 May 20006 Jun http://support.gateway.eom/s/Mobile/Solo_Series/p2550/8505460/05460ch0.htm (10 of 11)7/28/2004 7:11:50 AM Learning about Your Notebook Accessories Gateway offers various accessories that can help you make the most of using your Solo notebook: A Port replicators A

The CD Player opens. http://support.gateway.eom/s/Mobile/Solo_Series/p2550/8505460/index.htm (9 of 9)7/28/2004 7:11:47 AM Learning about Your Notebook Learning about Your Notebook This chapter shows features and options that are available on your notebook. Using video Changing screen resolution Your notebook features a color LCD TFT panel with a resolution up to 262,000 colors. Search all issuesPreview this magazine » Browse all issues198019902000 4 Jan 200018 Jan 20008 Feb 200022 Feb 20007 Mar 200021 Mar 20004 Apr 200018 Apr 20009 May 200023 May 20006 Jun

Recharge time varies, depending on usage. https://books.google.com/books?id=NZG8wRy-WeQC&pg=PA86&lpg=PA86&dq=Gateway+Solo+2550+LCD+Problems&source=bl&ots=ZiVeZhcgkL&sig=ghAdJz3Z9Rzh25GwfQVEg96gKYg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjP0OXygtnRAhWHx4MKHfGECFQQ6AEIMjAE Using the EZ Pad touchpad EZPad (touchpad) EZ Pad buttons (mouse buttons) Touchpad actions Use the touchpad to select, click, and drag items on your notebook screen. Click r (Play). Click Options, then select Properties.

Select Enable infrared communication. 5. http://itinfosecure.com/gateway-solo/gateway-solo-9550-cd-boot.php Thanks for your help. To protect your computer against viruses, make sure that you run a virus scan on files that you download. For information about the Web and the Web browser, see "Using the World Wide Web.

In addition to this user guide, these resources are available to help you get the most from your Gateway notebook: Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Gateway Solo Notebook This manual contains information Not a Laptop ) ShippingPass About this item Customer reviews Item recommendations Policies Back to top About this item Important Made in USA Origin Disclaimer: For certain items sold by Walmart Milani Revlon Personal Care  Shop all Shaving Oral Care Deodorants Bath & Body Feminine Products Incontinence Personal Care Rollbacks Men's Grooming  Shop all Electric Shavers Razors Trimmers & Groomers Shaving Cream this contact form Complete the member name and password information, then click Connect.

List unavailable. Using the volume controls in Windows, you can adjust the overall volume level or adjust the volume for a specific device. G Power connector Connect the AC power adapter to this port.

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Use the CD/DVD drive only when necessary. Select Show Volume Control on the Taskbar, then click OK. During checkout, we'll show whether your items are in stock at a nearby Walmart. If that's something you may want to try let me know, or give it a try and see what happens.

Most items are available right away. Move ATAPI CD-ROM Drive to the top of the list, by pressing the Shift and ( + ) keys. 11. Your notebook shipped with the IR port disabled to make more resources (IRQs) available for other commonly used devices. http://itinfosecure.com/gateway-solo/gateway-solo-1450-fan-issues.php Select Boot from CD-ROM.

http://support.gateway.eom/s/Mobile/Solo_Series/p2550/8505460/05460cha.htm (13 of 30)7/28/2004 7:12:13 AM Using Your Notebook 51 Volume Control Options Help HHE Volume Control Wave Balance: 9> -J- ~y $ Volume: r Mute http://support.gateway.eom/s/Mobile/Solo_Series/p2550/8505460/index.htm (3 of 9)7/28/2004 7:11:47 AM Using Your Solo 2550 Contents D PC Card eject buttons E PC Card slots Press the eject button to remove PC Cards from PC Card PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility Item Specific Help http://support.gateway.eom/s/Mobile/Solo_Series/p2550/8505460/05460chb.htm (9 of 10)7/28/2004 7:12:17 AM Managing Power Use Power button mode: PM Control: Power Savings: Sleep Timeout: Standby Timeout: Hard Disk Timeout: Video Timeout: Not a Laptop ) ShippingPass Reduced Price $37.25 List price $49.99 Save $12.74 Gateway M-7315u Replacement LAPTOP LCD Screen 15.4" WXGA CCFL SINGLE (Substitute Replacement LCD Screen Only.

Click Start, then select Programs, Accessories, Multimedia, then Sound Recorder. Caution Static electricity can permanently damage electronic components in the A computer. To stop recording, click 3. On Suspend Click Start, then select Suspend.

After completing the setup you are ready to access the Internet. Do this. Connect to your ISP account. 2. You can set it to function either in On/ Off or Standby/ Resume mode using the BIOS setup utility.

M The battery icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar has a red "X" over it. Because of this increased capacity, full-length movies can fit on a single disc. Function combination keys By pressing both the Fn key and one of the combination keys, the notebook performs various functions such as displaying the power status, enabling the scroll lock, and You do not have to shut down the notebook before connecting to an external PS/2 mouse.

To adjust specific volume levels: 1. Here's a link that may provide a little insight, http://linux.die.net/man/4/siliconmotion. m System docked The notebook is docked.