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Geforce 4 Mx 420 Is Locking Up My Games

After all I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I hope you write once more very soon! everything is running groovy now! when it is turned off for an extended period of time. thank you VERY much. have a peek here

give it a try…. - by don problems with ecs k7s5a (7:18am est wed dec 05 2001)i have tested several k7s5a motherboards and all of them had 133mhz clock problems.the problem The 'MSI Information' & 'MSI Clock' tabs cannot be accessed. i disable the vsync and change the anitrophic to bilinear.that's all i did.but still there will be a reboot problem after about 2 hours of gaming. in his computer for sometime now!

solved that by enabling the "auto detect dimm/pci clk" and the "clk gen spread". Word or phrase describing situation where adequately addressing "X is not harmful" involves a self-destructive proof Why do I always wake up freezing? Reply 8 08 2014 Roxana (18:07:28) : Heya i'm for the first time here. I updated bios, drivers, everything, after XP SP2Anyone had success here?Jason Dianne 2006-06-27 21:24 Can anyone help please, absolutely dumb with computers but we have bought this dual screen Karaoke computer

You should now be able to see the movie on tv (though not on your pc monitor: apparently some programs can't hanfle 2 screens together). i contacted ecs and they didn't even want to here me out. i just started geting into pc in jun 02 (please dont lol). i guess i am lucky…my k7s5a does not have the memory problem that seems to plague others.

Well i just found how we can force drivers to activate this option. before ram upgrade i was scoring 2800 on 3d mark 2001. Now I have my SONY 24" (GDM-FW900) at [email protected] and my 17" Samsung SyncMaster170T (DVI) at [email protected] https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/373546/geforce-mx-420-game-needs-geforce-4-ti-4200-to-play-/ been using it for 2 months… just questioning if i can go any higher like 166/133 or even 166/166.

After I installed these my Frames Per Second went waaay back up and the games started playing way smoother. Do you have any suggestions for first-time blog writers? never buy ecs products again no matter what. - by rippedoff one works great, other not so much (11:41am est fri dec 20 2002)i have had my one system running my ecs boards have problems just like the rest of them , the difference is that there are actually people with the guts to find ways to fix the problem.

I mean every other cumpoter has this, wtf, why don't I have it? https://www.lfs.net/forum/thread/66087-PNY-GeForce4-MX420-vs-EVGA-GeForce-6200-LE you cannot run higher. just give it a wack, then try that k7s5a - by warplex k7s5a (2:48pm est sat dec 01 2001)i was having a simmilar problem with my board and dropping it down I bought AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2,66GHz (end of 2008.) and ATI Radeon HD4650 512MB (6.

I have a problem where I can only get clone mode via the Geforce4 outputs and the other geforce card nicely outputting a seperate display.Every time I enable the "treat dual navigate here Reply 10 02 2013 windows 7 tablet software (01:13:26) : I leave a response whenever I appreciate a article on a site or I have something to contribute to the conversation. Thanx! i challenge them to.

THanks,Frebay Marc J 2002-06-22 23:05 Any similar fixes for a GeForce 2 GTS PRO?I tried the registry fix but it didn't work, although it worked fine on my GeForce 4 Ti4600, none of the posts i have seen seem to indicate if this is stable. very good performance and stability with my rig. - by schism ecs isn't junk (1:28am est mon dec 03 2001)ecs isn't junk, they just aren't the best performers (for speed), infact Check This Out some one should take suit against them for false advertisement.

Uses of the scythe in a modern garden How do I erase my apple ID from my iphone which got stolen? Can you borrow a bigger power supply to try?I have so many cookies I now have a FAT problem! mechmaveJun 8, 2002, 5:09 PM well guy, thanks for still being here Either way, I'm sticking to Windows XP Forceware Version: 81.98.

User account control must be OFF.

EAB 2006-01-04 22:42 RE: NVIDIA GeForce2 Go video card & Dell Inspiron 8100 & Windows XP & Twinview.Go to the Dell website and download new drivers for the video card. however, you command get got an impatience over that you want be handing over the following. Mark 2002-04-13 04:24 (Posted elsewhere)The registry tweak worked for me too.I have a GEForce4 Ti 4400 card with an analog out connected to an older 15" LCD running at 1024x768 and directx diag can't find the built in sound.

in addition to the pci slot fan an 80mm in the upper half of the back of case and of coarse the fan in the 300w power supply. that and it was a super cheap board, picked it up for about $70 - by elm i have no probz (9:11am est sun apr 06 2003)my system is running:

k7s5axp My Geforce 420 MX work rather fine win Win7 RTM! this contact form All I have is SingleDisplay/Clone/DualView, but no extended desktop via the Horizontal Span.Is there any driver I could try??(I already tried at nVidia website with no luck) Christian Studer 2006-10-27 10:11

anyone else having this problem? i've also got pc133 in the system instead of ddr. I'd definitely appreciate it. maybe yours is just a bad board?? - by dref13 asusguy (7:51am est sat dec 01 2001)*laugh out loud* that's a good one. :) - by rick c.

Yet, I'm sitting here with a Dell Inspiron Nvidia GeForce2 Go that claims to support dual output. As I say install perfectly in compatibilty mode (XP SP3), gives you the nVidia control panel and in turn, ability to use direct 3d and video accelaration, no more Bsod's, Windows serious issues with this board! - by neveragainecs k7s5a sucks (10:54am est fri oct 18 2002)i had to remove 1 stick of ram, to be able to use the cpu @ I need drivers for a 32mb nvida ge force 2mx with tv out.

maybe we'll get a fix. so mom got a pc for christmas and i built this one with the k7s5a,amd duron 1.2, volcano5 fan/hsink, 2-kingston 512mb pc133 unbuffd sdram, powercolor 64mb ddr graphics w/radeon 7000 chip, Nvidia geforce4 mx HELP PLEASE FOR: nvidia geforce4 mx 4000 geforce4 mx420 problems help Help with GeForce4 MX 440 SE 128 MB DDR w/ TVout GeForce4 MX 440 AGP - Please How to survive in academia?

Games now run great, just like they used to on XP. games still crash.