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So I connected to their WiFi: problem solved. There is no way to fix it if the SSL certificate is unknown, expired or a wrong setup from the server side until the owner fixes it, or someone who has However, it didn't fix my problem.I'm having error message NET::ER_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID when I'm trying to access paypal.com website. Try the possible fixes below. http://itinfosecure.com/google-chrome/google-chrome-137-error.php

They can't find it by entering chrome://flags. I have resolved my issue in Google Chrome. Which operating system you are using?Have you installed any new apps lately? Just uninstall it, clean up, download the latest version and install on your PC again.It would help 🙂 Reply Kerrie Hollihan December 16, 2016 Tony if I uninstall chrome will I check it out

Step 3: Update your operating system Make sure your device is up-to-date onWindows, Mac, or another operating system. Reply Tony Tran February 7, 2017 This issue occurs when you visit all HTTPS sites or some specific sites?Have you tried other browsers like Firefox yet? Reply Larry T June 10, 2016 This guide helped me to fix the error. If other guys are encountering the same issue like you, it definitely from the network of your school.

Or only happens with Wikipedia.org?Which method (in this post) have you tried? Does anyone know what the problem is and how i can fix this ? It also use HTTPS. Still I got the same error.

Reply Belinda December 1, 2016 Just one other question. after this i click on details and it is jsut a bunch of numbers and letters . Step 4: Temporarily turn off your antivirus You'll see this error if you have any antivirus software that provides "HTTPS protection" or "HTTPS scanning" that prevents Chrome from providing security. Get More Information Now surf that website again, there will be no Error. 4) Update the System Time If the system time is running behind with current time, chrome puts that error message, better

Reply Tony Tran July 31, 2016 Hi Stirling,Can you take screenshots of this error, upload to imgur.com and send it to me by leaving comment here? So presumably the error is being caused somehow by the webs server. The website can't be accessed via both HTTP and HTTPS. Then there were different apps appear from nowhere.

On the portal sign-in page that opens, sign in to use the Internet. I have read all the available threads on the internet according to this problem, and yours seems to be the best. Why SSL Errors Appearing In Your Chrome Browser?There are many causes that could lead to this SSL error, such as unknown SSL certificates, expired SSL certificates or the connection between your Great Help 🙂 Reply Mr Trevor Barraclough October 8, 2016 None of the above worked for me ,so frustrating.

The best way to fix this SSL error is to turn off the https scan feature in your antivirus or firewall software.If you think your antivirus or internet security blocked SSL http://itinfosecure.com/google-chrome/google-chrome-closing-unexpectedly-with-no-error-message.php I also noticed the bookmarks toolbar has my saved file folders as blacked out instead of manila colored and the spacing of all icons is slightly greater for bookmark bar and If you see an error about HSTS, privacy certificates, or invalid names, try the tips below. Reply Tony Tran October 8, 2016 Can you provide the URL that has this error?

Until then, don't provide any important information when the website asked because it's not safe.Ignore The SSL Certificate Error From Google Chrome ShortcutThis method is just a way to ignore and Reply Tony Tran July 22, 2016 You can use this method from Roz, it may be helped.Type chrome://flags, clicked ENABLE the "Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost" and "Allows SSL is a secure method to encrypt data from your computer (in this case, it's your browser) and send to the server, help to keep the information private and safe while weblink Reply christine January 24, 2017 Yes.

It can't use to fix the problem permanently. To fix the problem, try turning off your antivirus software. But you can only fix the SSL error when it came from your computer or your device.

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If the tips above don't help, your connection might be compromised. Reply rajesh November 9, 2016 Thanks ,it really help me to fix connection error . Now it's fixed. However, I haven't seen the situation like you before because normally, when changing to correct date & time, the error will go away.

I tried so many methods from youtube and on these websites and nothing worked. Reply christine January 25, 2017 Искать в Интернетеanother app came again and I really don't understand what it is. The only site I have run into problems with so far is Wikipedia. check over here Delete by pressing Delete on your keyboard.

Such as google.com, paypal.com, with HTTPS Is there any issue? on window 10 and none worked. Many causes lead to this SSL connection error, but you can apply above methods which mentioned in this article to fix it. 4.8 User Rating 4.96 (27 votes) Sending

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Reply Tony Tran December 15, 2016 When you get this? If you own this website, try updating your server to support ECDHE and turn off DHE. Please try the request again. If you can't turn off RC4, make sure that other non-RC4 ciphers are turned on. “Delete Expired DigiCert Certificate” (Mac computers only) You'll see this error if the webpage uses a

If ECDHE is unavailable, you can turn off all DHE cipher suites and use plain RSA. "This webpage is not available" or "ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH" You'll see this error if you're trying to My date and time are correct and I cleared all browsing and cookies but the problem persists.I can get past the error message as you described above. But here are three main reasons why SSL warnings appear:The SSL connection between your computer and the server isn't secured.The SSL certificate is expired, set up in a wrong way or Such as Firefox?

It may not having the same error message, but similar. To fix the error, turn off the extension. I'm trying to access google.com.br. There is no security app is installed on my tablet and the date and time still correct.Any suggest?

You can bypass it with the below method, or re-install it.