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Google Results Are All Weird


Follow Telegraph Science & Tech READ MORE ABOUT: Internet Google Show more Technology latest 10 Feb 2017, 9:22am French man blames Uber for breaking up marriage after glitch let wife follow When you think of the word "easy" what's the first thing that pops up in your mind? Evil Kittens. It actually orbits the Sun about every 365.242199 days, which is the number Google is dividing into 12 months. weblink

Are you on Grilled Cheese or Taco's side? I really feel like I'm frenemies with #Google. A conspiracy theorist might suggest it's evidence of Google's favoring of YouTube content, but I'm wondering if the lack of keywords in the query just brings out some odd behavior. #6 Latest Funny Pic Dumps Latest Posts Epoxy Floor. http://productforums.google.com/d/topic/websearch/9EvVmTDYjCo

Google Search Results In White Boxes

XLVIII. XLV. Movie Line. Now perform that search - guido wikipedia - and note that the Wikipedia page describing the slang term has been replaced by two others for less derogatory uses of the word I do know that it works for other numbers of days in a week as well - ten, four, eighty-one.

XXXV. The STD Question. This makes sense because people use "a" to indicate a ratio or fraction.

OK time to get back to work...

Submit Cancel Dr. Funny Google Searches Tricks Bizarre, indeed... #8 - Jobing for Unrelated Domains I've purposely moved results 8, 9 and 10 to the top of the screenshot to illustrate result #10 - I'm not sure how

Golems Galore. Google Results In White Boxes Either they're speaking of the prophet or of a Central American named Jesus but pronounced "hey-zeus". Hence, the Beatles gave us Eight Days a Week...but Google's got something strange to say about that: I believe that's 8 divided by 7, but why it's in the calculator I Popular posts like this 8 Predictions for SEO in 2017 SEO and Digital Trends in 2017 SEO Has a Younger Sibling: It’s On-Site Search, and It Deserves Attention 25 53 Get

Who dares to say they've never pretended to feel like a vegetable? Google Boxes Around Search Results It's like he - the searcher - is the goldfish, slowly dying as his relationship depletes. For [the], I would agree that anchor text made this possible, otherwise I'd assume that Wiki would be #1. XIIX.

Google Results In White Boxes

Am I missing something? http://www.zarias.com/funny-google-searches/ But it's not surprising, we strive to be so different that we're ultimately all the same in doing so. Google Search Results In White Boxes I've grown tired of debating such miniscule design decisions. How To Remove Boxes On Google Chrome VII. An Unknown Twist.

Explain this one: one a day =) Submit Cancel RyanTodd 2008-09-02T13:24:30-07:00 And as soon as Im ready to post this Darren beats me to the punch. have a peek at these guys Indeed, my friend! A few years ago its A/B test of different shades of blue - nicknamed "50 shades of blue" - earned the company an extra $200 million (£138 million).  Designers at Google couldn't Those French people just don't understand music. How To Show Search Box In Google Results

International Politics In Canada. VLVI. An array of weird Google searches to be mulled over. http://itinfosecure.com/google-search/google-not-displaying-results.php Rainbow Braid.

Gamecube Incredible. Random Google Search Generator Simple, right? A Real Problem. Is this really a thing?

Feel free to share your own bizarre search results in the comments, and for our US readers, welcome back from the Labor Day holiday; I hope you all enjoyed the long

Indeed… I giggle at them all! Some people think they're taking all the women. XIX. 212,000 Results for That? Funny Google Search Results Black links instead of blue in the search results?

XXII. Sigh! She seems to like it. :) 1 0 Reply Exactly what I was going to say. this content Sad cakes.

Virtually every other domain query from seomoz.org to cnn.com to porcupineliteraryarts.com gets the standard search results, most of them with sitelink. The answer to all of these questions is YES, IT'S WRONG! XI. These aren't even cool questions!

Just No. Don't be shy! XXI. A Piece of Prehistoric Past. An odd but cute combination of funny things to Google I suppose.

But guess who beat Chuck Norris's butt? Rainbow Braid. The universities that have the most inbound links with "u of" in the anchor text are ranked the highest, and apparently the University of Arizona is the most popular choice, so So much so, that we even want to know what foods will win against one another when battling it out.

That's right - no one beats the Lee. Lady Gaga Haters. Gah, people! Searching for [inanchor:the] supports this as well. 1 0 Reply For [Department of Search], I would say that a domain name that exactly matches a query will show up as the