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GPU Memory Downsizes In Dxdiag W RAM Upgrade


That tells me it has 512 MB of dedicated video memory. determined. Our tech team is sometimes playing on a backbone OC-12 loop, with a 15ms connection to the servers, with no jitter or packet loss to their network, yet we have 'lag' So, what is causing this ? weblink

Im looking for "identified the problem" or "working on a fix" or "sorry, bro, my bad" I would even accept "the hamster in your computer probably needs replacing." did you mean I guess with all the object destruction that has to happen (to save ram) the rubble piles up (memory leak). and what i don't understand is how the heck is everyone of us on this forum an expert in computer fixing / coding and problem solving ?? he specifically mentions calls to the hard drive when everyone knows that is probably the absolute worst place to be reading textures for performance, you throw them in ram. This Site

Does Increasing Ram Increase Game Performance

It's almost like you buy a car and need to be a mechanic to drive it. But, A 600-650W Corasair,Antec, or Seasonic PSU should have no issues running that set up. I have a desktop that has crashed twice when put under stress recently (i.e., online gaming, games w/ intensive graphics, etc.) I just recently upgraded to the following specs: MSI 890FXA-GD65 Froststab02.10.2012, 05:28 AMno, where is it?

The network/server/rendering and response issues are just strange to be implemented in the manner they are handled. and, according to people in this thread, its not just one call, but repeated calls to the same asset files on the hard drive, namely art-fx. Lets just hope bioware is reading this (I think many just want to know if they are, there is a lot of good info in this thread.) Now, about why people How To Increase Dedicated Video Ram On Laptop Not sure why people have so much problems, and I have no clue to whether it really only affects 5%.

And thats assuming that the problem is known, and a fix has also been found. I now play on my pre-intel core era PC with a Pentium E5800 dual core budget processor (Yes indeed, not even a Core2Duo architecture). ShadowWolf47105-26-2011, 02:41 PMHow is it you know that you're getting lower power on a rail? Here is my very enlightning dxdiag.log 4.

Double check RAM, GPU etc is seated good. How To Increase Dedicated Video Ram Amd Each time one of my techs gets a chance to look at what the game is doing to resolve a performance issue, it often is a head shaking experience and shows Still, combined with my new HD 6750 (also overclocked a small fraction) the game runs flawlessly at 1920x1080 on my 32" TV with 4x AA, 16x AF, everything (Including Bloom) except I've played nearly every game released in the last 1,5 years flawlessly on high/ultra details.

How To Increase Graphics Memory Without Graphics Card

Attached Files: video memory.jpg File size: 223.9 KB Views: 84 vishnunathcr, Sep 4, 2012 #6 flavallee Frank Trusted Advisor Joined: May 12, 2002 Messages: 72,205 I'm not a gamer, so you http://www.egosoft.com/X2/forum/posting.php?mode=topicprint&t=297418&start=0 Also appreciate brossiah's contributions and insight on these issues. Does Increasing Ram Increase Game Performance Feb 17, 11:57 All times are GMT + 2 Hours CrackerTracker © 2004 - 2017 CBACK.de Copyright © EGOSOFT 1989-2017Powered by phpBB © 2001, 2005 phpBB Group Template created by Avatar How To Increase Dedicated Graphics Memory They may not be the best programmers to have ever graced the world with their code, but TOR has a lot of quality to it, and trust me, idiots generally cannot

since amount of RAM also share to cache, it will increase the graphic memory. I don't think it could be the memory, it doesn't seem related to the crash, but, I suppose anything is possible at this point. So what you're saying is the game is loading high res textures even if theyre not being used at full reso, then downsizing them as applicable? If however I told him it took me 80 hours to get 5% of the consumer base to be able to play the game (CDN/launcher/download issues), I'd get a bottle of How To Change Shared Memory For Graphics Card

talligan02.10.2012, 01:12 PMIts the righteous brothers, but yeah. more for the game to use :D (disabling allot of the un-used services has given me a great boost) before you go flat out in a full frontal assault on the Said they're working to fix it. check over here I don't have a level 50, I've never seen Ilum, I've never tried a warzone, and this issue still seems to affect me.

how so? How To Increase Dedicated Video Memory Without Bios To put it simply, they're keeping you from dictating their internal process and pace. Here is my very enlightning dxdiag.log 4.

EDIT: The tech babble wasn't meant to dwarf people, the idea was that no amount of detail (or complete lack thereof) is satisfactory since it doesn't address the real question people

This situation is not factored into this discussion but there may eventually be a maximum memory size allowed for any single area which will be enforced differently and so should not Now there is MY 2 cents. I can post my dxdiag if that would help anyone. How To Increase Dedicated Video Ram Windows 7 Again, field-tested.

BW could hire every programmer alive and there would still be 2 guys on the issue. But it works. high res textures + top performance should be in the game from the start. We know it's broken and you might be disappointed if you upgrade just for this game.