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Graphic Card Power To Power Supply Or Connector On Motherboard?


This current starvation will not only cause read errors and blue screens, but can also cause the rectifiers and CPU to overheat and burn up. If there are no labels then you can usually use wire colors to tell the two kinds of cables apart. Yes, the Molex with one 12 volt line coming from it needs to provide 40 watts, and the Molex with two 12 volt lines coming from it needs to provide 80 If the connection is difficult to make, double check the plug keys. check over here

I did a lot of research and found conflicting answers. The DC-DC converters needed to supply the 3.3/5V power needed to run drives and misc devices on the board itself are on the board instead of in the PSU as standard. Antec power supplies have separate +12V rails, which means that each rail is limited by OCP. They're physically and electrically incompatible. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1859855/motherboard-power-connectors-graphics-cards.html

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PFC = Power Factor Correction (power factor correction, active or passive) Connectors The 20/24 ATX pin It allows you turn on the motherboard: early models had a 20-pin configuration, whilst the What constitutes extreme overclocking in a GPU like the 780? Don't use the PCIe power-plug unless you like smoke to come out of the motherboard. RodneyDickson 1,754,819 views 22:19 Loading more suggestions...

Few boards nowadays require the eight-pin connector, known as the EPS12V, so it's uncommon to see it on power supplies. Its capacity is way higher than its usage will ever see. The image above shows the 20 pin power cable plugged into a 24 pin motherboard. 6 Pin Pci Express Power Cable Is there any mathematical reason for this "digit-repetition-show"?

That increases your voltage drop and power dissipation in the cable. Every card does take then its 75W (3.3 V × 3 Amp + 12 V × 5.5 Amp) from the motherboard, apart of the power from its connectors. How much power is supplied on the pins of the Y-adapter and how much power does a typical drive take if one exists in the chain? Luke Cool 7/8/14 at Ensure that the power supply you purchase will fit in the case.

Not the answer you're looking for? 4 Pin Molex Connector On a typical Antec multi-rail PSU with a 40A OCP set point, the total power available on each +12V rail through the 6- or 8-pin connector is 40A times +12V = When you buy a high powered graphics card, it is to your extreme advantage to follow the instructions in the user manual that comes with it.The CPU power connector This is Can't find your answer ?

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Some people happily use connector and wire maximums and other people like to have a wide safety margin. http://www.wikihow.com/Install-a-Power-Supply EditRelated wikiHows How to Buy a Power Supply How to Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply How to Remove an ATX Motherboard How to Connect a Power Supply Cables Guide It needs to provide enough power to run all of the components you have installed. 4 Pin Peripheral Power Cable Product Information Myth 1: Only Single Rail Power Supplies Can Power Up High-end Graphics Cards!

Check the video card documentation to get the rules. http://itinfosecure.com/power-supply/good-brand-power-supply.php This is the largest connector on the power supply. share|improve this answer edited Jun 17 '15 at 20:31 answered May 27 '15 at 23:49 livingnote 11 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote If you are going to stick Four of the pins on the 8 pin cable fit into the motherboard connector and the other four pins hang off the end. 8 Pin Power Connector Gpu

They gave you two peripheral connectors for a reason. Many power supplies are providing more SATA power leads than you'll ever make use of—and fewer of the older-style, four-pin Molex type. (The SATA type uses a thin, L-shape connector; Molex connectors used by both kinds of power cables can sometimes be forced into a differently-polarized connector if they only have a few pins and you push hard enough. this content This connector is rarely used anymore.

Even if it is heavily overclocked (4.8 GHz), it will use less than a maximum of 130 watts; for this i7, an 8 pin connector would be overkill. At Power Supply Will it work without an adapter?1New power supply won't start020+4 pin power supply to 24+4 pin motherboard0splitting 6 pin PCI-E cables1Power supply or motherboard busted. a video card, the processor heatsink), only remove them if it is absolutely necessary.

The -5 volt line on pin 18 was made optional in ATX12V 1.3 (introduced in 2003) because -5 had been rarely used for years.

If the power supply keeps turning off; an insufficient amount of power, a bad main board, or an incorrectly installed CPU cooler, is the most likely cause.The GPU power connectors This If not, try to work the power supply around them. But it's okay to leave those 4 pins disconnected because a motherboard with a 20 pin connector doesn't need them. Pcie Power Connector Examples include Coolmax's PS-224 and Thermaltake's Dr.

Some forums users and even some major companies are spreading the idea that single +12V rail power supplies power up the latest graphics cards in a better way, in order to And there is no way Antec’s multi-rail power supplies could overload from today’s graphics card setups. Sign in to make your opinion count. have a peek at these guys There are people that have computers that are capable of a 750 watt peak usage, but their average wattage used is well below 400 watts, and they rarely go over 500

EDIT Edit this Article Home » Categories » Computers and Electronics » Hardware » Internal Components ArticleEditDiscuss Edit ArticlewikiHow to Install a Power Supply Community Q&A The power supply is an As mentioned in the other answers, trying to get a standard PSU to fit the case/motherboard would be a major hassle. My son started kindergarten and doesn't like writing his name. The six-pin connector has two 12 volt lines, and the eight-pin connector has three 12 volt lines.

A 20 pin power cable only fits into one end of a 24 pin motherboard connector so you can't insert it incorrectly. If you plug them both into the same power supply cable then you are drawing all the power of the 8 pin 12 volt connector through a single 18 gauge wire. NOTE: Not many people know that some power is also delivered through the PCI-E slot itself – that is, the slot on the motherboard right where you plug the card in. Use the above information and look in your power supply's manual to make sure that you are connecting a sufficient wattage or amperage to these adaptors.

Most modern motherboards require the 24-pin connector, while older motherboards will only use the first 20 pins. Plug it in, small green LED on motherboard should light, then you can turn on the main switch and board should fire up and give you a 515 fan not detected. Assuming one yellow 12V and one black ground cable, the other 3 cables could be power good, or sense cables or any combination. The other half is unused.

Read more 75 PC-Building Tips 75 PC-Building Tips: Tools & General Advice 75 PC-Building Tips: Motherboard & Case Installation 75 PC-Building Tips: CPU and Heat Sink Installation 75 PC-Building Tips: Case So much for this myth! Yes No Not Helpful 6 Helpful 5 How do I test to see if a power supply is functioning? It includes a 3.3 volt rail which is used to power newer chips which require a lower voltage than 5 volts.

I would advise you to check the HP support site for the HP ProDesk 600 G1 for a list of compatible graphics cards, that will work with your current PSU. Current starvation causes overheating, errors, and failures.Y- AdaptorsThe 6 and 8 pin adaptors and their power ratings: The 6 and 8 pin adaptors are called Y-adapters because they each have two If you leave the two pieces separate then you can plug one of the 4 pin pieces into a 4 pin 12 volt connector and leave the other 4 pin piece Of course, none of this helps you if your cable uses the trendy all-the-same-color-wires design which is popular with high-fashion power supplies.

UK address: district or county? But if the motherboard draws enough current, then you can overheat the 20 pins you're using on the 24 pin connector. If you can't get them to fit together then you can get an adapter cable which will make it work.