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Games don't recognize DirectX version. Error when trying to reinstall/update DirectX.

Game crash now can't boot system

Game Problems w/ Nvidia Geforce 3 w/ win xp pro

Game minimizing

Games automatically minimizing.

Games and Windows 10

Game Minimizing every 20 seconds

full retail or OEM

games get minimized

Games Minimize randomly

Games minimize to desktop

Games Minimize randomly to desktop

Game window randomly minimises

Games Minimizing to Desktop

Games Freezing/Crashing And Problems nsalling Software (freezing)

Games Keep Minimizing.

games will not play on xp

Games keep deselecting

Games automatically minimize

Games completely lose sound but other programs keep sound.

Games randomly minimize

Games keep minimizing--Please Help

Games freezing on a fresh install

Gaming Tweaks

game software installation problems

Games won't run on my vista

Games and programs minimize them selfs

Game randomly minimizing

garbled sound after installing programs

Games that worked are now crashing my pc.

Gateway connection issues - lots of information. Please help

Gaming mode

Games minimize to desktop and programs unfocus as if i clicked on the taskbar.

Gamma brightness adjustment not working

GeForce 6200 works on 1 out of 2 HardDrives

Gateway MX8734 cannot load any window

gap between start bar and applications.

GeForce 6100 GPU unable to work.

General problems with Windows 10 after installing

general concerns re W10

General Video Problems

Gateway Monitor keeps flasing welcome and menu

Generic Printer Driver problem

generic host error|windows update error|safemode BSOD

Generic Webcam Issue

Generally unresponsive computer

General slowness and Game crashing

Get No sound. Tried reinstalling in device manager.

Get rid of Windows Login

Genuine Windows Installation

Get start menu with windows 10

get rid of ctfmon

Get log in the blue screen freezes

Getting a black pop-up window when I try to play DVD's or inbuilt movies i.e Solitair

Get "detailed" view on "open file" dialog window.

Getting a Windows Network to Work Correctly?

Getting deleted all my last time installations when i restart my system

Getting Dos programs to run under 2000

Getting a weird glitch on my desktop

Getting FRAPS to work with old games

General slowness with ME

Getting blue screen when I attached Kindle Paperwhite to my computer

geting blue screen need help pls

getting rid of folder tree in windows

Get rid of that pesky "Get Windows 10" notification in the taskbar.

getting rid of the update tray icon

Getting rid of "Windows Update Uninstall"

Getting New Dell OEM PC With Windows 10 (Starter Questions)


Getting the most out of XP? Plus more questions :)

Get Windows 10 Count Down

Getting XP to remember settings for different monitors

Getting strange errors on startup & PC is really slow.

Ghost 10 and new disk drive

Ghost 10 hangs while making back up

Getting Windows 10 Pro Failed Updates Despite Not Installing Windows 10?

getting past program logon screens

Getting Rid of the Users' Screen

Giant Aggravating Windows Xp Installtion problem

Gibberish charactors have taken over laptop

Ghost 9 & not able to access network

Ghost item in taskbar

Glitches In Playback


Getting rid of the apps that came with my new Dell

getting rid of "windows installing"

Glitchy Audio

Gmail ? (Moved from Windows 10 forum)

Going back to default on display appearance

going back to XP

Going online causes restart

Going to install office 2003 over 2000.

go to print.window locks until I click blinking toolbar icon.

glitchy internet browsing

GoBack Product Activation Question

Going from MS Basic Office 2003 to MS Office 2010

Giant Words Popping up when right clicking or opening programs

Good Article And Some Questions About Office 2003 Help Options

Go away Default monitor

go zilla shut down my computer

Gigaware 2.1 speakers wont work.

Google Pack annoying UAC Window

Got a messed up problem (irql_not_less_or_equal)

gpedit.msc is missing.!

GpgEX (Moved from Windows 10 forum)

Grainy/Skipping Audio on Laptop

Got windows\explorer on screen running?got hjt results

Got wrong camera software.

graphic card update problems

Graphic card driver and Utility gone on reboot ?

Graphics Card (or drivers) issue. ATI 4870

graphic card disply data when starting windows

GPU Problems after updating the driver

Graphic problem when minimizing game.

Graphic Driver Wrong Version

Graphics card problem after upgrade

Graphics are not rendering (graphics/lcd/drive problem)

Graphire3 won't install on ME - any ideas?

Graphics/Display issues?

Green loading bar

Graphics card preventing standby recover

Graphics problem with Win 10

green triangular overlay in windows media player

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